Helpful Optimization Tips for Internet Marketing
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Helpfull Optimization Tips

Helpfull Optimization Tips

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Helpful Optimization Tips

By: Halstat Pirres

SEO is the process and art of getting high rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN. After years of formulaic approaches, it is now a simplified process. Here are some nuggets of advice that may help your efforts.

1. Optimize for Google – If you are going to pursue a search engine optimization effort, always focus on Google. It has the most traffic. If you can nail down Google, Yahoo and MSN will soon show similar rankings.

2. I Guarantee Rankings – Um, no. The ranking methods used by search engines change all the time. Nobody can guarantee rankings on competitive keywords, so don’t buy the hype.

3. Mellow November - The online holiday shopping season is huge for most sites. Being wicked, Google and Yahoo usually do a big ranking update in early November. Don't mess with your site during this period or you could regret it.

4. Keyword Density Analysis - You need to include the keyword phrase you are focusing on in the text of the page in question. The number of times you should include it is known as the keyword density. Personally, I stick to once every 50 words or so.

5. Avoid Rash Actions – Most forms of internet marketing take time to play themselves out. Don’t act rashly and make changes every few days. You will never find success.

6. Dreaded Google Eleven - Google can be wickedly cruel. For some reason, rankings will often pop up to the number eleven position and then sit for a few months. Don't change your tactics. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will move up.

7. Keyword Research Common Sense – When doing keyword research, don’t leave your common sense at the door. Think about what phrases you would use to search for something and make sure to incorporate them in your site.

8. Black Hat Optimization – Black hat optimization refers to finding some trick to get rankings. Sounds good until the ranking process changes and you lose all your rankings. Be patient and go for long term, stable rankings.

9. SEO Shuffle - Every once in a while, your rankings on Google will just vanish for a day. Don't panic. Wait a couple days to see if they come back. They often do, which means Google was just doing something with its database.

10. Keywords Article Titles – Many people mistakenly use their keyword phrase in articles submitted to directories. If you do this, the article directory may outrank you!

PPC is the lazy man’s solution, but search engine optimization is where the ultimate best return on investment will be found. Start with PPC for a new site, and gradually evolve into a pure seo marketer as you get rankings.

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