Benefits of Manual Directory Submissions for Internet Marketing
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Benefits of Manual Directory Submissions

Benefits of Manual Directory Submissions

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Benefits of Manual Directory Submissions

By: Gobind Singh

Every owner of a site thinks how he can increase the traffic in his site & also search engine rankings. If you want your site to be ranked high in the search engine, high-quality original content and the number and quality of links to the site are the main factors to be considered. This improves and strengthens your rankings on the major search engines like Google, AltaVista and Yahoo.

Submitting site in SEO friendly Directories:

Submitting to directories is one method for obtaining more links. These submissions can be automated and manually too. One best and easiest way is to submit your site manually to hundreds of directories. No doubt there are many software products available in the market for directory submissions. But, one should follow manual directory submissions for obtaining more links.

Manual Directory Submission:

Manual submissions may be labor intensive, time consuming and cost effective way to build inbound one way links, but it definitely gives us greater control in the submissions. It helps in building a brand and also increases traffic and promotion to your website.

The time taken for listing a site depends on each search engine or directory. Manual submission requires some extra work of optimizing page and also patience. Your search engine rankings gradually improve for this extra effort and you get definite the required results.

Many web directories provide you submissions manually by their well trained and experienced staff. The only need is to fill the submission form correctly by following the guidelines that really benefit your site. Automated software cannot adequately submit a site to directories because it cannot study the directory structure.

Submissions for directories require careful choices regarding categories and subcategories. Manual submission is more effective than automated submission as it goes through all the relevant information. Manual submission might be the best option to promote your site.

Web directories arrange these sites into several categories. The chosen of most relevant category not only depends on the content or some keywords of a site's web pages, but also on the quality of a whole website. The manual submission of directory minimized the chances of any mistake, by using multiple title, anchor text, description and most appropriate category. Listing in such manner gives two benefits. First it increases back links quantity and secondly it increases web site reputation.

Sometime Automatic directory submission software may cause a problem that it can't always place a link in the most relevant category, therefore, hand-submit your site to hundreds of directories by considering close attention to the directories page ranks, their rules, submission guidelines and many other criterions is the best. By following all these, you get to know where and how to submit a site so that you can gain highest chances of getting your site listed quickly.


There are no doubt that Manual directory submissions require time, effort and money. But this investment ensures you to give full benefit to your link popularity and business as well. Opting for Manual submission is the only way to ensure that your site is submitted to the required category and that all guidelines are fully and correctly followed.

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