Online Advertising Mistakes
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Online Advertising Mistakes

Online Advertising Mistakes
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Are you new to Network Marketing? If you are, then PLEASE avoid these mistakes when you promote your business opportunity!

Mistake#1. Spamming

SPAM: Sending People Annoying Messages

Yes, you got the point! People hate spams simply because they are annoying! They receive emails from someone they don’t expect. So stop making a list of those email addresses from Newsgroups or Free Ads Classifieds or wherever! It’s just not going to work that way to promote your business.

Spamming on the contrary could put your business at risk. Since almost all of the internet users nowadays just can’t put up with it, here’s some predictions of what they could do to ruin your business.

If you join an affiliate program or perhaps you are a representative of a certain company, they could just send an email to that company, informing them that they are receiving spams from you. Generally, they have zero tolerance for spamming and will eliminate you without warning.

Or, they also can make a report on you to your Web Host or ISP. How about that?!

Mistake #2. Reach un-targeted people

I understand that you are excited to drive a great quantity of visitors to your website. Yes... that’s what they told you to do, right? The more visits to your website, the greater the possibilities of sign-ups... But, the more important thing is that those visitors should be targeted people! You don’t need just ‘visitors’, you need ‘targeted visitors’ to your site!

That’s why you should be wise in advertising, because you have to decide what kind of people you want to reach.

For instance, if you join a Network Marketing program that needs big investments, you don’t want to place an ad in Free Ads Classifieds! Why? You’ll probably have many visitors to your site, but NO sign-ups - Why? Because they can’t afford it! Most of them who read ads in Free Ads Classifieds are those who are hunting for FREE opportunities…

So, make sure your advertising reaches targeted people!

Mistake#3. Promote in Newsgroups or Mailing Lists that prohibit any kind of advertisment

This is considered to be spamming also!

So, if you are planning to advertise in Newsgroups, Forums, or Mailing Lists, make sure that they allow advertisements - Study the terms of agreement first!

Well, that’s it!

Don’t do these 3 mistakes and you will save a lot of your time and efforts!

Copyright 2005 Farid Aziz.

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