The Internet Marketing Equation
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The Internet Marketing Equation

The Internet Marketing Equation

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There are thousands of ways to make money on-line.

There are millions MORE ways to lose money.

No matter what someone tells you, it is extremely unlikely that Internet marketing success will happen overnight and that it will be straight-forward and easy. The business world outside of the Internet is not like that and while the Internet has some amazing and unique characteristics, the basic principles of hard work, dedication, learning lessons, focusing on a goal and never giving up are just as true.

So why do so many people go for the supposed quick win or easy approach? Laziness is at the heart of it, wanting to get rich quick. Internet marketer's tap into this feeling with compelling, emotional copy that encourages people to take action. Sometimes there is a genuine opportunity which is on offer. Other times, the only one making the money is the marketer, not the person who just signed up for the amazing 'get rich quick' offer.

Having had years experience of both off-line and on-line businesses, I am convinced there is a 'success equation' at the heart of any successful business. The equation revolves around numbers. It is simply a numbers game. If you’re a real estate investor and want to find an investment property you know you’ll need to read or hear about 100 properties, out of which you will find 10 which may be suitable, 3 of those will be worth putting an offer in with the likelihood of purchasing only 1. However, the profit in that one property makes all the upfront work worthwhile.

The Internet is no different. Traffic is at the heart of the equation. If you have no-one visiting your website, then no-one will see your business. If you have 100 unique visitors a day visiting your site and on average 8 join your email list, you know you’ll have 2920 people on your list within one year. The equation becomes interesting when you find a way of doubling your traffic or increasing the percentage of email signups – or both. Knowing what to look for and more importantly, where to focus, is the key for the success.

It doesn’t stop there.

Your further success really depends on how you promote to your list. Another numbers game. To begin with you need to provide useful information free in order to build trust and show that what you know or have is of value. Then you can promote products or services of a low monetary value which have a high degree of acceptance amongst your subscribers. Then further products of higher values (and higher profit) as the trust is built. The prices to charge and when to sell are all parts of the success equation.

There is no single success equation for Internet Marketing. You can be successful in so many ways from Google Adwords, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, article marketing, online MLM marketing, developing your own products and services and many more.

This series of articles will delve into successful ways you can look for the success equation in YOUR on-line marketing ventures.

To your success.

The Internet Marketing Equation

Paul Hanson

The Internet Marketing Equation

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