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Web Site Marketing Promotion

Web Site Marketing Promotion

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Web site marketing promotion is one of the things that you almost consistently have to do if you are going to make money online. Web site marketing promotion is of course in addition to any search engine optimization that you might do to receive search engine traffic online. Web site marketing promotion and search engine optimization sort of go hand in hand, and can enhance the efforts of each other.

There are a number of ways that you can do web site marketing promotion, and many of those are paying options –meaning that you pay for them in money. An example of web site marketing promotion for which you pay to get traffic is pay per click programs such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Overture. Another example is the purchasing of classified or ezine advertising.

Now, for me personally, I like to use article marketing for my web site marketing promotion. Why?

1) It is highly effective, and also doubles as an attractor for high natural search engine results.

2) It is low cost – costing only my time, unless I choose to pay someone to submit the articles, or write the articles for me.

So how do I do web site marketing promotion using article marketing?

1) I write articles that are related to the themes of my web sites.

2) I add links to my articles that feed back to relevant pages in my web sites.

3) I submit my articles to ezinarticles.com and other article directories online.

4) I continue this process repeatedly, some days writing as many as 20 articles per day. Yes, article marketing and web site marketing promotion are extremely effective, but they also require patience and dedication.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 600 articles in print and 9 published ebooks.

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