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The Basic Steps of Internet Marketing

The Basic Steps of Internet Marketing

Once you decide on a website, you need to make sure its built with the idea of having a couple of good key words on each page and a good internal linking system to all your pages through out your website. Make sure your Meta Tags are designed correctly and reflect the couple of key words for each of your pages.

Find a good website submission software package or a good submission service. Your website submissions need to include both automatic submissions and manual submissions. Submissions should also include all of the major directories, both free and paid directories. For the roughly thousand dollars it will cost you to get listed quickly in the directories usually 48 hours to two weeks we strongly recommend you do this.

You can also use Pay Per Click if you have a product to sell and would like to start receiving sales right of way. Stick to the major Pay Per Click programs, the smaller ones will charge you less per click, but you usually don't receive much from them.

Your website should include if applicable, a links program and an affiliates program. You need to start linking to other website as quickly as possible. Find website that are relevant to your topic and have a page ranking of at least 2 or higher. The affiliates program if applicable is highly recommended because this will allow to receive a lot of inbound links to your website which will help your rankings with all the major search engines. A good affiliates program will also allow you to receive sales from other more established websites.

You should also include Press Releases as well as writing and submitting article on topics relating to your website. You can have an outside service handle this for you or you can use one of the many programs avaible on the internet.

The basics as described above, will get you started. You need to continue to add good content as well as add links and affiliates to help your website grow. The major search engines are looking for websites that continue to add unique content and have a steady increase of websites that link to your website.

You should also look to any other place where you can get your website listed. These can include Blogs, Ezines, free ads, local and industry specific directories.

The last step is to have a service or software program that will monitor how your website is being ranked within the search engines. These services and programs can also tell you how your competition is ranked and what you need to do to achieve a higher ranking then them. Your goal is to get listed on at least the second if not the first page of the search engines for the key words you are using through out your website.

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