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Alexa gives you information about the sites you visit.
A healthy community is built on trust and open information.

  • Who owns this site and how do I contact them?
  • Do people like this site?
  • How much traffic does this site get?
  • Are there other sites I should visit instead?

Alexa learns from people. The more people use it, the better it gets!

Boldchat - Free Live Chat for Your Web Site Using Live Chat to Increase Sales Chat with visitors to answer pre-sales questions and to assist visitors in their purchase decision. Monitor visitors to know how many visitors you have at any instance and where each visitor is at on your web site Initiate chats with visitors to drive more sales and leads from your web site. Using Live Chat to Reduce Support Costs Chat with many visitors simultaneously in independent one-on-one chats. Send canned answers instantly that provide step-by-step instructions to resolve problems. Push visitors to a new web page easily to provide additional information.

Internet marketing is not a mystery, there are no "secret" formulas, and you do NOT need a guru. Success on the Internet comes down to one simple thing .... TRAFFIC! No matter what you sell, or which sites you promote, more traffic will help you sell more in less time! More traffic = more potential customers! More traffic will help YOU if you.... Create and sell products online and want to sell more. Are an affiliate for any website and want bigger affiliate checks. Have joined any Network Marketing program and want to build a massive downline fast. Publish an ezine (newsletter) and want more signups. Or do anything else on the Internet that involves a web site. It's simple ... more targeted traffic helps YOU succeed faster! When you have enough targeted traffic (targeted traffic simply means people who visit your website and are interested in what you offer) you make more sales, earn more affiliate commissions, grow a powerful mailing list faster ... in short, you achieve your online goals in record time!

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