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Sales Developers services to be provided to ________________________., a complete web site marketing solution, for a monthly fee of $400.00.

Monthly review of your web site, and any changes or additions that need to be made in order to increase clicks and sales. This includes meta tags, key words, internal linking, broken external links, robot.txt file and if your web site is search engine friendly. Review competitive sights, products and prices.

Automated and Hand submission to all major search engines, this includes all important pages of your web site, not just the home page. All other pages submitted over time, as some search engines allow only one page per day. Monthly submissions are done to maintain your search engine rankings.

Additional submissions to 1000 smaller search engines. Initially, important pages, and then the rest of the web site over time due to limitations on the amount of pages that can be submitted on a daily basis. These submissions are done following the search engine guidelines and limitations.

Automated and Hand submission to all major directories and then the smaller directories.
Directories are checked once per month and we continue to submit your web site to maintain your listings and expand your exposure.

Automated submission to 500,000 FFA and link pages 1 to 2 times per month.
Monthly submissions to industry specific search engines and directories.

Establish and maintain an affiliates program. This will be done in conjunction with your web master. This is an ongoing project; with revisions made to continue to expand the number of affiliates. The more affiliates you have, the more clicks and sales you will receive.
Establish and maintain a links program. This will be done in conjunction with your web master. This is done on an ongoing basis. The more links your web site has the higher you are listed in some of the major search engines.

Establish and maintain a pay per click program. This can be done with as little as $5.00 per day or more based on your budget and what type of return we are receiving. To be administered with your web master. This is done on an ongoing basis always adjusting the amounts you are willing to pay per click as your competition will sometimes try to bid higher to compete with your listing.
Recommendation of ad programs listed on your site to help generate additional revenue for your company. We look for ad programs; where you place a small banner or text ad on your web site and receive revenue if people click or buy something from the other web sites ad.

Set up membership programs, monthly newsletters and monthly specials. This can be done with your web master or we will recommend software to help automate the process. The membership program usually stays the same once they are set up, the newsletters and monthly specials always change.

Review banner programs, pop up programs and mass email programs and see if they can be used to enhance clicks and sales to your web site. There are many programs and services available. We will review the options with you, and you can decide on which ones you would like to implement.

We are always looking for new technologies and services that can enhance our clients marketing and sales efforts and we will bring them to you, once we verify the potential for success is there.
There is a lot of work and time that goes into marketing a web site properly. We will work very closely with your web master to make sure this project succeeds. We will also send you emails and reports as far as where we are in the different parts of the project and what else we need to do to continue to increase hits and sales. You can also call or email us as often as you like.

For $400 per month you are hiring a full service sales and marketing firm that will help you with all aspects of marketing your web site on an ongoing basis. There are many companies on the internet that offer services from $25 to $2500 to sign up. These services are usually for a one time effort or only a small part of what we do, or they only work with your home page. Sales Developers, offers a comprehensive marketing solution for you web site.

If you are interested in using our complete Internet Marketing services send us an email at or fill out our contact us form. If you are not sure how we can help, call or email us and we will provide a free consultation to see where our Internet Marketing services can best help your website.

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