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Internet Marketing Software

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Internet Marketing Software

If you want to send newsletters to subscribers on your web site we recommend using IntelliContact Pro email list management software. You can compose and send messages from any computer, personalize emails using mail merge fields, and keep in touch with prospects and customers with opt-in email newsletters and announcements [ learn more ].

Classify PRO - Classified Submission Software:

Classify PRO is an automated submission wizard for classified Ads. It has a database of over 1500 Classified sites and can submit your Ad to up to 500 Free Internet Classified sites within minutes. Manually, the same task would take days, if not weeks.


For those customers that are unsure if their website title, meta-tags and other important behind-the-scenes web page information is in place and correct, or want to ensure that their home page is going to achieve the highest possible search engine ranking, we recommend ordering our Web Page Optimization Service.

Internet Marketing Software- There are literally thousands of Internet Marketing Software solutions on the market today. Most will have very little impact on the marketing of your website. We have tested hundreds of the internet marketing solutions available today; with most of them provide the same basic results.

Sales Developers recommends that you demo them before you buy and find the right combination of ease of use, price and proven results. If you would like some help with the solutions below, email us and we will discuss in greater detail how they work and which ones would work best for your needs.