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Pay Per Click services is not the least expensive, but it is one of the fastest ways to start receiving qualified traffic to your web site. Below is a list of Pay Per Click services we recommend as well as others that are available on the Internet. If you set these programs up correctly they can really help with your Internet marketing and web promotion.
Google and Overture are the two biggest and also the two most expensive. We strongly recommend you utilize our online web marketing services to help you run these programs or you can wind up spending a lot of money with very little results. A lot of time we find people who are already utilizing Overture and Google and based on what they are spending, we can run their complete online marketing program for the same amount of money they now spend with much better results.

So contact us or click on a banner and sign up with the Pay Per Click service . Once again if you need help with setting up the Pay Per Click service or what is the least expensive or best way to utilize the service send us an email at or call us at 1-516-459-6161.

Listed below are some of the other Pay Per Click Services we have either reviewed or used ourselves for various projects

Join the thousands of advertisers who have discovered the incredible power of's performance-based advertising and are now driving highly qualified traffic to their websites.
Search123 allows advertisers to reach a unique source of quality search traffic on hundreds of content-rich websites, directories and search engines across all major consumer categories. Cost-Effective CPCs Our CPCs are at least 50% less than Overture and Google in most cases. Use your Search123 PPC campaign to drive incremental quality traffic and improve your overall return-on-investment (ROI) from search marketing.
Get Massive Reach - LookSmart Small Business Listings gets your links on MSN, AltaVista,, InfoSpace, and hundreds more.
Advertising in search results is one of the most effective methods for customer acquisition. Get started with LookListings to connect with customers at the exact moment they're searching for what you sell.

With Overture Reach 80% of Internet Users¹
The more search engines your listings appear on, the more customers you attract. And only Overture lists your business in the search results on eight of the top U.S. search properties: MSN, Yahoo!, AltaVista, InfoSpace, AlltheWeb and NetZero.

The 7Search/Pay-Per-Ranking advertising program generates quality website traffic on behalf of thousands of advertisers through its pay-per-click (bid for placement) advertising search engine. Currently providing results for over 400 million searches per month, 7Search specializes in serving website owners of "low profit margin" categories of business that can not afford to pay over ten cents per visitor.
Professionals for  internet marketing,
web site promotion, online advertising and online business services
Advertising with provides a level of personal service every online advertiser deserves, extending an ad campaign to its fullest potential. offers exposure to millions of unique visitors each day on a cost-per-click basis, determined by the advertiser. By only establishing partnerships with Web properties that operate in accordance with industry acceptable standards, keyword buys deliver the strongest Return On Investment (ROI). - Affordable PPC advertising. We are one of the Top PPC engines on the Internet for the "Middle Market," the roughly 50% of Internet users who utilize second tier search engines. Excellent Customer Service and High quality traffic is what we offer.

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