Now that you have a professionally built web site, how do you attract prospects and customers? Use our Internet Marketing services.

There are many ways to accomplish this. The bottom line it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. We have two solutions for you, one, is do it yourself and use a number of the products and services listed below, or, you can utilize our services at a very cost effective rate. We have tested literally hundreds of products and services that can help you attract hits and sales, we feel the ones listed below will allow you to get the job done in the least amount of time and done professionally. If you don't want to spend the time to learn these products you can contract with us. We have automated as much of the process as possible so we can get the job done for you at a very cost effective price.
Real-time web site traffic analysis, now just $7/month! IndexTools Statistics is a leading web analytics solution designed to help you make important decisions about your site. Monitor the traffic of your web site, track online behavior, measure conversion ratio and profile your visitors. Analyze visit paths in real time Analyze how your visitors navigate through your site page by page, which files they download and where they exit your site in real time! Improve the Bounce Rate of your site Analyze which landing pages or campaigns turn visitors into browsers and the percentage of visitors who exit their site without getting deeper Analyze Conversion Rates Analyze the source of customer acquisition, which landing pages or advertising campaigns turn visitors into buyers or customers. Analyze the source of your revenue and more...
It's YOUR money! Control them with! We utilize innovative technologies to analyze the effectiveness of banner ads, keywords from search engines, link placements in E-Zines or other advertising or promotional campaigns. PromotionStat system: Computes and analyzes data obtained from a visitor's PRE and POST click activities. Provides separate analysis of leads coming from different sources by means of IDs attached to a website's URL. Measures the effectiveness of PPC SE keywords. Measures a visitor's "targetability" determined by their level of interest in the website. Offers real time product demand reports linked to individual ad campaigns. Detects artificial traffic generation utilizing statistical analysis of traffic patterns ... more...
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